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Animal Supplement Questions

It varies between 12 and 18 months depending on the product type.

The safety margin on all these products are high and dosages
up to 5 fold recommended levels should be more than safe. For extreme challenging conditions were applications are for therapeutic use, it is recommend to always administer the higher administration levels were used.  Once relief is experienced, alter levels to prophylactic levels.  Important to use these applications on a daily basis for optimum results.  Above is for the pet and Equine products.

No side effects recorded during initial and evaluation processes. In the unlikely event of any side effect, stop usage and contact the registration holder.

DoggyMin is a well-balanced allrounder supplement to support skeletal, bone, coat and immunity support in dogs and cats of all ages. For joint and cartilage health for optimum mobility use Flexcare Pets for dog and cats from all ages. Important to use in young dogs as prophylactic to ensure healthy and strong development. Advisable to use Flexcare in combination with Doggymin to ensure wellbeing and longevity.

DoggyMin is a universal product for BOTH cats and dogs.It comprises organic trace elements, vitamins and fulvic acid to aid in skin challenges such as dull coats, hair loss, itchiness and painful redness.

Low energy and passive mode are frequently due to discomfort
and pain from some of other health related challenge. The health properties of fulvic acid andorganic actives in DoggyMin proofed to overcome many of these challenges by enhancing immunity, relief of discomfort and support metabolism for a wellbeing feeling.

Limping is painful and FLEXCARE pet comprises anti-inflammatory properties from Fulvic acid, MSM with pain relief while glucosamine,
chondroitin and organic trace elements help with repair and built up.

Both DoggyMin and Flexcare Pets has a sweet biltong flavour that is easy consumed by most dogs and cats. Simply pour directly on the pellets and stir through. For more fuzzy eaters, simply dilute the supplements in small amount of oat milk for dogs and cats and mix the solution with pellets or allow them to drink it as is.

Doggymin is a combined product for both Cats and dogs with a biltong flavour. For cats recommend daily allowance into milk and allow them to drink or mix into their feed. Most cats enjoy the taste.

Spooky and/or friskiness are frequently the result from deficit of essential nutrients to support the nerve system. Calmness are created with our nutrient supplement MOODY to relief potential imbalances to aid calmness and improving control.

Hoof conditioning is an indication of the animal’s immunity and nutritional status. EQUIMIN trophy comprising organic trace elements coincided with vitamins, amino acids with Biotin proofed to be very affective for bone & hoof support to ensure soundness and enhance immunity.

Both Equimin Trophy and Flexcare are palatable sweetened apple flavoured gel that simply be added onto the pellets. Most horse take it easily. For more fuzzy eaters dilute the daily allowance with a small parts of water and stir through the concentrate feed in mornings and evenings. Divide the daily allowance between morning and evening feedings.

Poor performance and stamina are a combined result from imbalanced nutrition, immunity constraints and essential nutrients to optimise performance. AviGel FORTE comprises a combination of instant energy, probiotics, organic trace and macro elements with well-balanced electrolytes and muscle supporting nutrients. The organic selenium inhibits cell oxidation from stress during long distance traveling and flying to support sustainable energy for performance.

Products are designed for water application with actives to ensure intake. Important that the treated water remain the sole source of intake. OR for artificial rearing
of young birds calculated the allowance per group of birds. Dilute then the daily allowance with water and mixed into the feed to ensure intake. Contact us for assistance with the calculations, if needed.

Feather pecking results frequently result from imbalance in amino acids and trace elements. Avigel Layer for layer and Avigel Broiler comprises essential amino acids, organic trace elements and Vitamin complexes to assist in bedraggled feathering and deviant behaviour such as feather pecking and soil pecking.

RTU is ready to use supplement where the product can be used without premix it into other ingredients.

A feed ‘’ pour on “is a ready to use supplement that can simply be added to the feed trough for a voluntary intake.