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Calculate the required daily allowance and dilute the contents with 3 to 4 times the amount of water. For example, for a 20 kg dog, add 40 ml of water to 10 ml of the supplement to prepare a 50 ml solution. Shake well and split the solution into two 25 ml doses for morning and evening feedings, mixing thoroughly with the pellets. If the dog is fed only once a day, add the entire 50 ml solution to the pellets, stir well, and allow it to dry. This method facilitates easy adjustment to the dog's voluntary intake. Once they accept the taste, they often eagerly anticipate the supplement before their meal.

Flexcare possesses anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties that help in relieving redness (inflammation) and discomfort. DoggyMin focuses on boosting immunity to support recovery over time. The latter takes more time to aid in sustained recovery, while Flexcare typically provides immediate relief. Therefore, it is recommended to use a combination of both products. The use of Flexcare is highly recommended for all animals to support longevity and well-being as they age.

For extreme conditions, the dosage can be increased to 1 ml/kg for 7 days to support and sustain recovery. Afterward, continue with the normal daily dosage of 0.5 ml/kg. Once the condition improves, a reduced dosage of 0.3 ml/kg can be considered.

Improvement in skin conditions depends on the underlying cause and typically takes 3–6 weeks for significant improvement. However, many testimonials report relief as quickly as 7–14 days after the first application.

The effectiveness of Flexcare can vary, with relief from stiffness and limping observed as soon as 7 days to 28 days, depending on the underlying cause of the mobility challenge. It is always advisable to use Flexcare from a young age for muscle, ligament, and skeletal support as dogs/cats mature, and to address any underlying injuries that may occur.

It's vitally important to maintain immunity and mobility with both Flexcare and Doggymin, as well-being challenges can vary throughout the year. Prophylactic use is highly recommended, even if pets do not show any specific symptoms. It's always better to prevent than to try and support recovery after the onset of severe conditions, lameness, and stiffness that are normal with aging and environmental changes.

Both Flexcare and DoggyMin contain organic substances that support various metabolic processes, immunity, and essential body functions. Many potential causes of allergies and itchiness often boil down to immune challenges, a statement that also applies to mobility issues.

The suggestion is to continue using chemical treatments as prescribed while introducing DoggyMin and Flexcare. Allow the products to take effect, and then gradually start to reduce the chemical pharmaceuticals, closely monitoring the animals' conditions. If no deterioration is observed, further reduce the dosage to the point where these administrations may be omitted. Neither DoggyMin nor Flexcare claims to replace compulsory medication prescribed by a veterinarian, and the underlying condition will determine the level of successful support. Refer to the testimonials to make an informed decision.