Dog Supplements

Welcome to Camelus online! We offer a range of scientifically formulated dog supplements to improve and sustain your furry friend's overall well-being. Our platinum rated Pet Supplements are designed to address mobility challenges via joint, ligament and skeletal support and to relief lethargic behaviour and  dull coat appearances frequently associated with itchiness and  hair loss. 

Introducing FLEXCARE as our organic superior joint supplement made from a bio available combination of MSM, Chondroitin, Glucosamine, patented organic  glycinates,  fulvic acid and Vitamin C. The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties from our patented carbohydrate derived Fulvic acid & Vitamin C aid as synergist in this unique combination to enhance absorption and retention with faster results.  


Daily prophylactic use of FLEXCARE from a young age onwards is essential to facilitate skeletal, joint and ligament development and maintenance to prevent injuries and sustain mobility and wellbeing. Increased FLEXCARE administration for therapeutic use, relief discomfort and stiffness in older or injured dogs.


Additionally to FLEXCARE,  DOGGYMIN is a Conditioning supplement to overcome any potential nutrient deficiencies that may result in wellbeing constraints.  DOGGYMIN comprises a balanced combination of essential vitamins, macro and organic trace elements with the health supporting characteristics of our patented carbohydrate derived Fulvic acid. Making Camelus the ONLY PET supplement manufacturer to use this active.  Fulvic Acid with its anti-microbial. anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties is aimed to optimises immunity and health while supporting actives support skin conditioning, stress relief,  skeletal development, growth in puppies and fertility in breeders. 

More Information On Our Animal Supplements

Perfect For Dogs, Cats & Equine.

Flexcare is a combination of joint supplements (MSM, Chondroitin and Glucosamine) and trace elements from Glycinate chelates to assist in skeletal, mobility and wellbeing support. The anti-inflammatory and chelated properties from CHD Fulvic acid and VitC enhance the effectiveness of absorption of these actives. Flexcare is very effective both as prophylactic maintenance support and for therapeutic use with increased levels of administration.

Perfect For Dogs & Cats.

Support immunity, fertility in breeders, mobility, skin conditioning and longevity.

Perfect For Equine, Game & Ruminants.

Improve immunity, reduces stress, enhance performance, heart rate recovery, muscle toning skin (itching problems) and hoof conditioning of race, endurance and show horses. In Breeding and foals,assist in fertility, increased milk production to offspring, growth and skeletal development support, prevent retained after births, relief of legabnormalities and eyeconstraints.

Perfect For Poultry, Emus, Ostriches & Pigeons

Support immunity, reduces stress, relief symptomsof production related constraints such as fertility, hatchability, shell quality, egg size, egg number and quality of day old in layers and breeders.

Perfect For Poultry, Emus, Ostriches & Pigeons

Support immunity, reduces stress, relief symptoms of production related constraints such as mortalities, leg & feet abnormalities, feather & skin development and impaired growth.

Perfect For Poultry, Pigeons, Emus & Ostriches.

Anti-Stress and hydration support due to heat stress, health issues, placement and husbandrypractices.

Perfect For Monogastric & Ruminants.

Anti-Microbial & anti-inflammatory & anti-Viral, anti-fungal and anti oxidative for health support. Relief symptoms from mastitis, metritis, SCC challenges, facial eczema, respiratory conditions, enteritis and other infectious & health related conditions. Use in combination with antibiotics to enhance efficiencyin conditions of resistance.

Perfect For Calves & Lambs.

Assist in overcoming immunity constraints in young animals from stress, milk replacers and environmental adaption challenges. These product characteristics aim as a prophylactic support against Cryptosporidiosis.

Perfect For Poultry, Swine, Horses, Ostriches, Game, Ruminants & Pigeons.

FulviPhos is a fulvic acid (CHD FA) based phosphorous, calcium and organic glycinate trace supplement to provide  relief from skeletal &leg deformities, shell quality, fertility and general wellbeing due to mineral shortages. The combination of CHD FA with two sources of phosphorus and two sources of calcium, assist in increased and fast absorption and retention.